Jul 062012

Just Say the Word by Carla Salvo
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Rita Napapolus’ fingerprints were all over the murder weapon, beckoning authorities onto her path and into her past. They immediately hit a wall when they find no record of the petite office manager’s history before she appeared in Seattle with her daughter twenty years ago.

When a million dollar bail is mysteriously posted and a hot-shot defense lawyer arrives from San Francisco, her friends want answers. So does the FBI.

Where did Rita come from? Who is watching out for her? Could she really be the killer?

I will admit that the cover put me off. I picked up the book several times before actually reading it, but each time the cover deterred me. I’m not quite sure why, but it just didn’t say exciting to me.

The actual story was interesting. There is mystery surrounding Rita’s past that when revealed painted quite the picture. Rita lead a very interesting life that seemed a bit surreal.

The way the story is told creates something of a disconnect between the story and the reader. It often felt like I was watching the story unfold, without getting to experience it myself. The story is told by Rita, as she explains her past. She does a lot of telling, and not much showing.

Overall, this was a good story, but fell short of great. Rita suffered a severe lack of insight, and was quite naive. She seemed to miss the implications of the life style she was living, and got off too easy in my opinion. Her charmed and mysterious life made for interesting read, but I can’t say that I really cared for her.

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