Jul 122012

2066 by Peter A Brandt
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Simon Camp was never thrilled about living underground during this ice age but when the old shaman came to town and instructed him to take a journey on the earth’s surface to find his daughter, Simon knew his life would change forever.

This was a short, slightly rushed story with a lot of potential. It read more like a half-fleshed out outline than a finished book. If everything were slowed down and completed the story would be quite interesting.

I loved the world history, but it was simply info-dumped in the beginning. Not a great way to learn everything.

I admit to being completely lost with Caitlyn. She seemed to suffer extreme mood flips and mind changes. I couldn’t keep up with her, or understand her. And the insta-love? Don’t get me started.

Overall, a very interesting world set-up and great potential for a story, but not completed yet.

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