Jun 222012

Worldsoul (Worldsoul Trilogy #1) by Liz Williams
Source: Review copy from Prime Books via Netgalley
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What if being a librarian was the most dangerous job in the world?

Worldsoul, a great city that forms a nexus point between Earth and the many dimensions known as the Liminality, is a place where old stories gather, where forgotten legends come to fade and die—or to flourish and rise again. Until recently, Worldsoul has been governed by the Skein, but they have gone missing and no one knows why. The city is also being attacked with lethal flower-bombs from unknown enemy. Mercy Fane and her fellow Librarians are doing their best to maintain the Library, but… things… keep breaking out of ancient texts and legends and escaping into the city. Mercy must pursue one such dangerous creature. She turns to Shadow, an alchemist, for aid, but Shadow—inadvertently possessed by an ifrit—has a perilous quest of her own to undertake.

This book suffered from a great idea, poor excution. I was so excited about this book, but it fell short of my expectations. It started slow, and I had a really hard time getting into the story. About 2/3 of the way through, I still couldn’t understand what the overall plot was about, and where the story was moving to.

The characters felt very one dimensional. I didn’t feel much of anything for anyone. Mercy and Shadow seemed somewhat interchangable, and I could’t find any reason to care about either of them.

The story was full of action, but I never felt excited about it. It felt boring without much happening. The ending was a let down with no climax. Everything seemed to smooth away without a final conflict.

The world building was very intricate. There were many aspects to it including times when stories come alive. But I never really understood the history of the world, or the way the entire universe was set up and worked.

I think this story would interest many people, especially book lovers, however I couldn’t get into it or stay interested.

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  1. bummr it was a let down

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