May 162012

The Truth About Us by Dalene Flannigan
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What happens when the past catches up to the present and the truth surfaces? Three women, roommates back in college, find their lives forever altered when one of them feels compelled to confess the secret sin of their past. And whose truth is it?

‘The Truth About Us’ weaves the past and the present in a page-turner that explores the shifting quality of truth, and the cost of secrets.

This story really focused on the 3 women, and how you felt about them really impacted how you felt about their stories.

Jude was not likable or sympathetic at all. She was obsessive, destructive and so overly zealous with her new religion that there was no room left for compassion. Her actions were extremely selfish, and I just plain didn’t like her at all.

Erica was pitiful. Her life was a disaster, and not all of it was her fault. She really didn’t knkow how to cope or deal with everything, which is entirely believable and realistic. Not everyone is super strong with the ability to take things as they come, and Erica was one of those people. She was the person I felt most sorry for.

Grace was amazingly strong and well adjusted. For everything that she went through, she came out the best in the end. She had drive, purpose and confidence. Grace was the strength of the story, and I was quite amazed at her ability to cope with what life threw her way. I’m not sure I agree with all of her actions, but it didn’t really matter because she was able to own them anyways.

This book would make for a great discussion starter. There are so many shades to truth, that I’m sure a book club could discuss for hours the importance of truth, and how each of the characters viewed it in a different way. Are there limits to the need to be truthful? Should truth always be told in whole, or are part truths better in some situations?

Overall, this was a great story, and one I would recommend to readers who love mysteries, discussion books and straight comtemporaries.

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  1. Great review! Seems like a good read!

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