May 072012

Today I have an interview with Gene Doucette, author of the Immortal series, as part of his blog tour for Hellenic Immortal, the second book in the series.

What’s your favourite part of writing a book?

Creating something I know is good. And that probably sounds arrogant so let me clarify: every writer will end up putting together things they know are crap. And the crap will get taken care of in subsequent edits, so usually we let it go because on the other side of the crap is something much better. What I love is hitting a patch where I have found just exactly the right words, and I’ve put them together in a way that looks beautiful, and that I can’t positively say how I managed to do.

What’s the hardest part of writing a book?
The aforementioned crap. There are times when the writing just isn’t there. Sometimes it’s so bad I stop and walk away. When I come back to it again I have to go back two or three pages and figure out where I went wrong. Because sometimes crap means I’ve made a mistake somewhere.

What input, if any, did you have in the cover design?

I had a lot of input. And I was terrible to the art team because I had ideas that were somewhat less than concrete, and it’s hard to assemble a cover based on loose concepts. At first all I could say for certain was that I didn’t want a photorealistic cover and I didn’t want to see Adam’s face.

What kind of research did you do to write this book?

I sometimes have trouble answering the research question, because I like reading good history books, and I especially like good history books that tell me how life was like for everybody in a certain time. Kings and successions and wars have their uses, but those are broad stroke events that won’t tell me how, for instance, most castles were unlivable for six months out of the year because they had no toilets.

Why did you decide to re-release the book with a new publisher?

The previous publisher of Immortal wasn’t working out. That wasn’t really anybody’s fault, it’s just that they were new and there were financial problems, and so there really wasn’t anything for marketing. So when it came time to publish Hellenic Immortal I went out and found TWCS, who were willing to publish it despite not owning the rights to Immortal. And that was pretty cool, actually, because not a lot of publishers would have done that. Once I had that contract in place I went to the publisher of Immortal and reacquired the rights (something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do) and brought it to TWCS as well.

About Gene Doucette
Gene Doucette is a novelist, a screenwriter, a playwright, a humorist, an essayist, and a few other things. He is, in other words, a writer, and thank goodness for that because the other options were alcoholic (still possible) and axe murderer (less likely.)

Connect online: Website, Twitter, Goodreads

Find the Immortal series online: Goodreads, Adam’s Twitter

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