Apr 192012

The Turning Tides (Marina’s Tales #4)by Derrolyn Anderson
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Marina has been through a lot in the past year; she knows what she wants, and she decides to take matters into her own hands to get it. When a twist of fate takes her away from Aptos, she returns to find that her whole world has changed once again. A fortune teller’s ominous prediction seems to be coming true, people around her aren’t who they appear to be, and to top it all off, she’s being followed again. Marina and Ethan only want to be together, but find they are being torn apart by their very natures. Can they overcome a final obstacle to build the future they dream of?

The series finally comes to an end. I am glad I didn’t have to wait years between the books because I really wanted to get through the series and see how it ended. This book was a satisfying end to the series, although the first quarter of the book felt more like a recap of the series so far, rather than the start of another adventure.

My feelings toward Marina did not improve in this book, I still don’t like her. She really came across as selfish and judgmental this time around. At one point she mentions that she tends to pull into herself and shut people out, and I would definitely agree. To the point that it is hard to sympathize for what she goes through.

This book was mostly about Marina and Ethan, and I found myself really missing the rest of the group. Cruz especially. I loved his snarky and sarcastic comments, and missed having that light-hearted element in the story.

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