Apr 042012

Strays by Jeanne Webster
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Laid off from her first job as a staff writer for an Atlanta newspaper and stuck in a dysfunctional relationship, Jane retreats to a cabin in the Smokey Mountains to demand guidance from a so-far silent God. When she accidently falls and hits her head, she acquires a seventh sense that allows her to understand the language of animals and plants. Her divine guidance comes in the form of an abandoned stray dog and a cast of unusual characters who describe their purpose here on earth through enchanting and profound stories. With the animals and plants insights leading her, Jane finds enlightenment, authenticity, personal empowerment, and travels out of confusion and complexity into a world of simplicity and personal choice. As she recaptures her own true nature, she discovers that even the most lost can eventually find their way home.

This book was full of life lessons. Jane seemed young to be having an existential life crisis, but the lessons she learned would be great for everyone to know.

There was a simplicity of characters that was quite remarkable. There was Jane and the dog. Everyone else appeared in only a scene or two and played very minor parts. The entire story revolved around Jane and her inner transformation.

While it seemed a bit unrealistic that Jane would undergo such drastic change in less than a week, her journey was enjoyable and enlightening. The religious aspects were kept light and never felt preachy. Overall, this was an uplifting and peaceful read.

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