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Hanging Flynn by Addison Lane
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Fergus Irvine is a hybrid—a human who shares his body with a fairy’s soul. Like other hybrids in the human-governed metropolis of New Peiling, his life seems stuck on okay-at-best—but that all changes the day he returns to his apartment to find his best friend Flynn dead. Unable to accept his friend’s suicide, Fergus decides he must find out for himself what really happened to Flynn. He must survive arson, airship crashes, anti-hybrid vigilantes, ravenous fairies, and his catty kind-of girlfriend to peel back the layers of lies and find the truth about Flynn… and himself.

This book had an interesting and unique concept, but it just didn’t work. There were several reasons I was disappointed in the book:

1. The cover. It is not attractive. And I have no idea how it ties into the story, other than the serious and sombre feel of it matches the writing.

2. I couldn’t picture the city. It is described as having multiple layers, with the hybrids and poor people living on the lower level in constant twilight. The rich, pure humans live on the top level with sunshine. In between are the middle class layers. Elevators connect the various layers. Visually, how does it work? How are there roads and walkways on every level with some, albeit not much, light filtering down through the layers? I just can’t picture it.

3. Fergus is clueless and totally oblivious. He has no idea of the political state of the city and the fact that the lower level has been engaging in revolts and the top human layer has been retaliating. With the whole city caught in the middle in an increasing circle of violence. How can someone be that oblivious to the world around him, especially since he plays such a big part in it, and has connections to powerful people?

4. While I love the idea of fairies sharing bodies with humans, this seemed to play very little into the story. So what was the story really about? I’m not quite sure. It was a bit confusing.

Overall, this book was a letdown. I expected an exciting adventure featuring human-fairy hubrids on a quest to find truth. What I got was a mishmash of ideas that didn’t seem quite right.

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  2 Responses to “Hanging Flynn”

  1. I quite like the cover though I would probably expect some sort of connection to the story.

  2. Your description of the city is very intriguing, even though it was difficult to visualize. You've got me curious! 🙂

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