Apr 202012

This week was all about moving. I am pretty much all moved now. Things went pretty smooth so far. It has been 2 solid days of moving, and there is still another load of small stuff to come, and a huge load to go to Valu Village.

Yesterday evening I was really sick. I think I got a touch of heat or sun stroke. I was dizzy and nauseous for several hours. It was not fun. But prior to that, we got all the furniture moved. The kitchen is unpacked except for the fridge, the bathroom is unpacked except we need a shower curtain, and the living room is mostly done.

Everything looks really clean. I wonder how long it will stay that way. LOL

Some cool stats for the week:
Most popular post: 2012 Self-Published Reading Challenge Sign-up
#1 referring site – http://cuzinlogic.com
Top 5 search keywords:

  • leslie jack
  • derrolyn anderson – just posted a review of her latest book yesterday
  • workadayreads.com – yea! you were looking for me
  • chameleon children’s book who couldnt hide
  • book discussion questions for fault lines by nancy houston

  2 Responses to “Friday Leftovers Apr 20”

  1. I don't remember seeing the “Friday leftovers” post before. I like it.
    I like the “most popular post”, #1 referring site, and top 5 searches. Great idea!

  2. Hope your house stays sparkling, and that you are
    feeling MUCH better!! 🙂 [sun & moving = bad combo lol]

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