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Today I have Ron D Smith, author of The Savior of Turk, here to answer a few questions.

Do you read reviews written about your book? 

With one eye closed.

Do you keep track or write reviews for books you read? 

I don’t blog about books, but I write an occasional review. I know how important it is as a writer to get that feedback. I doubt Charles Dickens cares anymore what anyone thinks of Oliver Twist, but we owe it to contemporary writers to share our opinions once in awhile. And when I’m looking for a new book to read, reviews of other readers are gold to me.

Did you base any of the characters on real people? 

No, because those real people know where I live, and I would never do anything to hurt their feelings because I care about them, I really do.

How do you get people to read and review your book? 

Begging and crying mostly.

What is your favourite part of promoting your book? 

I get to meet people who love books, and I believe it’s genetically impossible for book lovers to be mean people. You never saw Attila the Hun curled up with a book, did you?

About Ron D Smith:
I started my adult life as a journalist, but gave it up when I realized I wasn’t going to become Walter Cronkite. I grew up in small towns in Missouri and Iowa, which make my adopted hometown of Louisville look like Manhattan.

I envy the dialogue of Daniel Woodrell, the sense of place of Silas House, and how Wendell Berry makes writing seem deceptively easy. I appreciate Elmore Leonard for being Elmore Leonard. I don’t write like anyone but me.

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The Savior of Turk by Ron D Smith

Bhanu Ganesh can’t catch a break. He comes from India with his parents to start a new life in rural Missouri where, as his American-born cousin says, a person “stands out like a vegan at a rib joint if he’s anything other than white boy or a black cow.” Bhanu arrives with everything short of a “kick me” sign on his back. His prep school getup, highbrow British accent, and pathological fear of feminine touch make him an immediate social outcast. Then there’s his little arson habit, the primary reason his family comes to America for a fresh start. What’s more, the new family business in the tiny town of Turk is selling adult movies and other products at a store along the interstate. That doesn’t sit well with some of the locals, particularly those at the Turk Everlasting Church of God.

Find the book online: Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, First chapter excerpt

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  1. Oh that sound very interesting book. I would love to have it.


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