Mar 202012

Human Nature Part I by GD Kokani
Source: Review copy from SilverWood Books
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Human nature is as vast and as infinite as the Universe. Human beings possess highest intelligence, knowledge and technology. But still human life is largely shadowed by unhappiness, sufferings, unrest, chaos, confusion, mutual mistrust and dishonesty. The author has honestly attempted to understand some of the truths about human nature and confidently hopes that such truths will enlighten the common man to enrich his life by adopting a rational, practical and scientific approach in life and thereby making his life more bearable, more happy, more meaningful and peaceful.

This book is sure to generate discussion and controversy, if you can understand it. I found it very difficult to read and understand as it is quite wordy and academic sounding. It seemed like a university textbook, although filled with opinions and beliefs instead of facts and proof.

The most controversial section is probably the one on religion. Religion has the potential to generate emotional responses like no other topic. I found the author’s theory that the world will move to “one true religion”to be idealistic and unrealistic. Humans have been fighting over religious differences for millenia, and I doubt a few more centuries, or even another millenia, will change this. Religion is one of the few topics that makes people dig in and stick to their viewpoint without even considering change or compromise.

Overall, I found the book to have a slightly arrogant feel to it. The author’s foreword seemed to tell the reader to either believe his views, or to wait until they matured enough to believe. There was a lot of telling without any persuasion or explaining involved. I think by including more backup and less aggressive language, the author would likely see more people agreeing with his opinions, or at least encounter less resistance to them.

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