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Today I have an interview with Dalene Flannigan, author of the recently published The Truth About Us.

What’s the hardest part of writing a book?

For me it’s the first draft—to keep going when I’m writing horribly. Anne Lamott (her book, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions for Writing and Life is one of my favorite books on writing) says that you have to allow yourself to write, ‘Shitty First Drafts’. This is absolutely necessary but it’s difficult to get my internal critic (a nasty person) to shut-up. Once you get the first draft down, you can rewrite and rewrite and rewrite … until you make something shiny.

What’s your favourite part of writing a book?

The discovery. Definitely. I’m not always sure where I’m going and I frequently end up convinced I’m totally lost; that’s when those nasty voices of self-doubt start to whisper, “What made you think you could write a book? You have no idea what you’re doing” etc.. Then, I’ll write something—like turning down a blind alley—and I’ll suddenly know where I am in the story and where I should go next. Those moments are thrilling.

What inspired you to become a writer? 

Like all writers, I’m a reader. I have always loved novels. I suppose it’s like someone who loves music learning to play the piano, or someone who loves hockey, wanting to play the game. I have tremendous respect for the power of storytelling in any art form; theatre, painting, writing… It ties us all together.

What are your thoughts on ebooks? (i.e. love them, hate them, wave of the future)

I think they’re fabulous. I think a debate about the superiority of paper or digital books can become a spurious argument. It can be like deciding whether a piece of music is good only if you listen to it on your stereo or your ipod. Ereaders are so convenient; I love having many books in my bag. Having said that, I love paper books (I’m a book sniffer) and I love a room lined with bookshelves. But, the stories, the words, are the reason I love Jane Austen.

Did you base any of the characters on real people?

I think everything written is based on something real—it’s just a question of how much and combinations. My characters are bits and pieces of real people, put together in a different way—Mr. Potato Head creations—a nose from this person, an ear from this one, a personality trait from someone else. I wouldn’t want to try to fully recreate someone I know on the page. I think that could be harmful and I think it would be arrogant to think I could get the complex nature of a person correct. My family and friends recognize details and quirks in my characters but that’s about it.

Thank you for being here and I love your analogy of the paper vs ebook issue.

About Dalene Flannigan:
Dalene is a Scottish-born author who currently lives in Toronto. She has written novels, plays, and award-winning videos on hearing loss.

Connect online: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads

The Truth About Us by Dalene Flannigan 

What happens when the past catches up to the present and the truth surfaces? Three women, roommates back in college, find their lives forever altered when one of them feels compelled to confess the secret sin of their past. And whose truth is it?

The Truth About Us weaves the past and the present in a page-turner that explores the shifting quality of truth, and the cost of secrets.

Find online: Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads

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Is it always best to tell the truth?

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  13 Responses to “Interview: Dalene Flannigan + Giveaway”

  1. For the most part I would say yes. I do think that there may be times when a little white lie should be told to save a person's feelings.

  2. Basically yes. In the end the truth will always and I mean ALWAYS come out.

    mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

  3. The truth will make you free…but what is the truth. According to you, according to someone else? Guess it depends on the circumstances, and who it involves. Thanks for the post and the opportunity to win this ebook.

  4. Telling the truth isn't always a good thing. I don't advocate lying, but sometimes telling the truth does no good. If you're hiding someone for safety reasons, like hiding the Jews in Anne Frank's time, telling the truth does no good. When someone asks you “do I look fat in this?” and saying no when they do is not always a bad thing, especially if they still look good in the outfit.

  5. Actually, I'm not sure. I think if you want that someone trusts you, it's necessary to tell the thruth, but sometimes, it's better not to if you will hurt someone. Then it's better to say nothing instead of lying.
    But to be honest, with a lie, you won't come far in life!
    boeklover at hotmail dot be

  6. It depends on the situation. Overall, I'd say yes. It's easy to hurt people with the truth and that is probably why a lot of people would say no. If you approach the truth with the right reason and direction, it will mean a lot more to people. Liars are hardly trusted even if they have a reason for their lies.

  7. Most of the time yes. Unless telling the truth would hurt someone. If a friend is proud of their new outfit and you think it is baggy on them. It would just hurt their feelings to tell them. Good friends lnow when to keep their mouths shut.
    deanna_boocock (at) hotmail.com

  8. It is always best to tell the truth because all lies will prevail in the end. Telling the truth then and there will prevent matters from becoming complicated. email: paradisereadingcafe(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I think yes, most of the time. There are those rare occasions where it is best to not tell the truth though.


  10. Well that is a hard question and i want to answer that yes, the truth should always be told but then sometimes (always depending on the situation), perhaps its best to hide the truth if it means protecting someone. I really don't know, i don't think there is a right and wrong answer to that question.

  11. :O I won? :O Thank you!!!! :DD Yay!! 😀

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