Feb 012012

In the Storm by Karen Metcalf
Source: Won in giveaway at Live To Read
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Abandoned by the world around her, Carly believes she is fated to a life of torment at the hands of her stepfather and is desperate for an escape. When she can bear the abuse no longer and gives in to a thunderous rage, she suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar, yet beautiful, storm world. This limbo between dimensions appears to be her private sanctuary, but it may just be her purgatory. No one escapes fate without sacrifice, but is the price more than Carly is willing to pay?

To me, this felt like a YA book written by a YA person. There was a lack of depth to the writing. Everything felt a little superficial and easy.

The strongest part of the story was the way the emotion had a very real physical manifestation. I wasn’t quite sure why Carly had such strong emotions at times, but I could definitely understand the strength of them based on the realistic depiction of the weather.

This is not a happy story, but there a lot of emotional elements to it.

Challenges read for:

2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – book 10

Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012 – book 7

2012 Ebook Challenge – book 13

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