Feb 032012

I belive I mentioned this, but I can’t believe it’s February already. Time is flying by.

I don’t really have anything exciting or unusal to talk about. Except that the weather here is unbelievable. It has been up and down, warm and cold, but currently there is no snow, which is a very weird change. There was even one day this week where a coat was optional as a heavy sweater was warm enough. No wonder it doesn’t feel like February. I even saw a guy in short sleeves on Wednesday. He was crazy though, definitely should have had a coat or sweater.

I am finally getting around to creating and scheduling author interviews, guest posts and giveaways. You should see quite a few appearing over the next two months. I’m only a month late on some of them. Sorry. But thanks for being so patient.

Some cool stats for the week:
Most popular post: 2012 Ebook Challenge Sign-upSecond week in a row!
#1 referring site – http://www.google.com/search
Top 5 search keywords:

  • 3cpo.book – haven’t a clue
  • anne frank – still on the list
  • derrolyn anderson – she’s still quite popular here
  • gordon korman this can’t be happening at macdonald – Visiting Paul’s guest post for the Holiday Book Exchange again
  • the eternal child david wasserman – finding his interview

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