Feb 292012

February was a good month. Maybe not reading-wise, but personally and blogwise it was.

The big news? It was my one year blogiversary. I was super excited, and can’t wait to see how the next year plays out.

I had my Christmas vacation at my mom’s. Since I didn’t get to go at Christmas, I took 2 extra days off around Family Day so I had a 5 day weekend to go visiting. It was lots of fun and very relaxing. My son had a blast! My mom feeds deer, turkeys and cats in her backyard, and my son had so much fun putting out food and watching them eat.

I also did something crazy with my hair. I chopped it all off and dyed it red. Going red is not new for me, and actually neither is cutting it, but this is the shortest I’ve ever had it. I wasn’t sure I liked it in the beginning, but it’s growing on me.

Books read:
In February – 10
Year-to-date – 23 – I decided to lower my Goodreads challenge to 150 books so I can maybe reach it.

Posted in February:
Reviews -11
Discussion posts – Blogiversary Reflection, plus 2 leftover posts
Author interviews – William F Brown, Jamie Lynn Goldenberg, AGS Johnson, Dalene Flannigan, Jamie Lee Scott, G Tyler Mills
Author guest posts – AM Hudson

Challenge Status:
I used to only count books once the review was posted, but book tour books tend to mess this up, so now I count when I finish the book.

Canadian Book Challenge 5 – 17/13
2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – 15 read
Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012 – 14 read
2012 Audio Book Challenge – 5 read
2012 Ebook Challenge – 22 read
2012 Self-Published Reading Challenge – 6 read
In Death Challenge – 6 read – no change this month

What’s coming in March?
I don’t have any big events planned. I have several blog tours stopping by, the below ones, and several more I don’t have buttons for.

There will also be the usual mix of reviews and author features. Hopefully I won’t miss two days of posting like I did this month. Those weren’t planned, I just completed forgot to schedule them.

I am not participating in any big giveaway hops this month, but I’ll be doing one again in April for Easter. My birthday is also in April, and I’m sure I’ll do a giveaway for that too.

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  1. Come on, now. You can't taunt us with comments about your short new red 'do and not show us photos so that *we* can see it, too!

    Sounds like you were busy this month.

  2. Happy March reading!

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