Feb 172012

Yea, it’s finally here. My one year blogiversary. I love reaching blog milestones, and this is definitely a big one! I thought that it might be nice to do a bit of a reflective about some of the changes and growths that have happened over the past year.

Before I started blogging, I heard about ebooks but wasn’t really interested in them. After I discovered the joys of Netgalley, I really started to look at ebooks, and wiching for an ereader. For my birthday last April I got a Sony eReader. I loved it! I still have it and still love it. I’m not crazy about the Sony software, and Calibre won’t work because apparently one of the 300 fonts my husband has installed is corrupt.  So I could definitely go for better software, but I wouldn’t trade my little Sony PRS-350 for anything. It is the perfect hand-size, and so easy to carry in my purse.

Going along with ebooks was my disovery of the self-published world. Like ebooks, this has really become more common and mainstream in the last year, and I love that I am right in there with it. It is probably no surprise that I love Smashwords, almost as much as I love Netgalley. Both websites do great things for books, and Smashwords is awesome for everyone, not just those in the book community.

If you take a look at some of my early reviews, you will notice that the look is quite different, but the content is still pretty much the same. I think I have refined my voice a little over the last year, and become more easy and comfortable with writing reviews. But my reviews still feel like the same person has written them.

Blog look
Going along with the review look is my blog look. Long time followers might remember when I used to change up the background every month or so, trying to find one I loved. When I won a blog makeover, I was nervous that while I would like the look, I might grow bored and want to change it. This has not happened yet! I love the colours and my zebras, and everything about it. I even bought a copy of the design kit for myself so that I could expand and make my own buttons and banners for events.

While I try to keep reviews as the main posts, I love having features. I try to have at least one book tour a month, and an author post (either interview or guest post) a week. I have a slew of author posts to be written and posted, I just need to get to them. And by a slew I mean 10-15. Eeks.

I love doing giveaways. I usually participate in one big hop a month, and then have several smaller giveaways as well. I still fund all the big giveaways myself, and try to keep all giveaways international so no one feels excluded.

For memes and hops, I have always done IMM and OMW. I love those posts and do them every weekend. I haven’t done Friday hops in a while, or any other memes. I like experimenting and throwing some in every once in a while, but I don’t want to become overly extended with “filler” type posts.

Special events
I did a special monthly long event in September focussing on self-published authors and their books. I had a lot of fun with it, but it was definitely a lot of work. I’d like to do it again sometime, but I might try to find a co-host next time, or maybe scale back my event.

Me as a Blog Reader
I am a horrible blog follower. I follow a ton of blogs, and am always behind in reading posts. My Google reader currently has over 700 unread posts. I tend to catch up about twice a month, and I never hit the read all button. But I know that reading through that many posts, I don’t comment on nearly enough. I love reading reviews, but after seeing the same book 5 or 6 times, I will admit that I start to skim the reviews. And there are a few memes I tend to skip over and not read, mostly Teaser Tuesday and Waiting on Wednesday. They just aren’t my cup of tea.

Looking back over the past year, I have really enjoyed myself. Blogging is definitely hard work, but it’s something I really like. I am very happy to still be going strong after one year, and hope I can still say this next year too. I didn’t set any goals for this year, and I don’t think I will for the next year either. Other than to have fun at it.

If you made it all the way to the end of this reflective, thanks so much! I would be lying if I said I didn’t love everyone who follows. And if you want to leave me a comment about anything I’ve said, or just wishing me a happy blogiversary, I’d be thrilled.

  5 Responses to “Blogiversary Reflection”

  1. Happy blogoversary!

  2. Happy blogoversary! Mine's just around the corner too. I think I can blame NetGalley for me buying a Kindle too, I just didn't care before but it means I can request books to review that I otherwise wouldn't read.

  3. Happy blogiversary. You seem like such an established blogger, can't really believe you've only been doing it for 1 year. Keep up with the great job you're doing!

  4. Happy blogiversary, Sarah! If you'd ever like to read/review any of my books, holler. Although… I do believe you've already got the coupon codes. I'll hang out here either way.

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