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Birthright by RJ Palmer
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One beleaguered man…
In the bitter cold of an unseasonable Colorado winter, Raine Donnelly’s life is turned hopelessly upside down. The things that begin to happen couldn’t possibly be real. Machines malfunction and electricity goes haywire, and that’s just the beginning. The doctors think it’s a brain tumor and that he’s having blackouts and hallucinations and insist on further testing. But if that’s the case, why is someone trying to kill him? Isn’t one scared and dying man relatively harmless?
One woman living in no man’s land…
Raine’s widow Sierra is planning a vacation to Colorado with her twin daughters, Renee and Elizabeth who have been contrarily insisting that they’re going to visit their dead father and ruining Sierra’s carefully cultivated calm and rationality. It took her a long time to piece her life back together after he died and for her daughters to refuse to accept the truth is tearing her apart.
An inevitable chance encounter…
When their worlds collide all hell breaks loose and Raine must find a way to piece together the fragmented truth of his past without getting all of them killed…

I was very disappointed, but I couldn’t finish the book. I only got a third of the way through it. The night I found myself trying to remember what book I was reading and couldn’t come up with the title, author or plotline I decided that there was no way I was going to finish it. I did eventually figure it out, without picking up my ereader, but only because I tried to remember what covers were showing as currently reading on Goodreads. I remembered it was dark, which lead me to the title, author and plot.

Unfortunately, the story itself didn’t draw me in. I couldn’t get into the characters. What was happening to Raine was interesting, but Raine himself was rather boring. I kept thinking Sierra’s name was Elizabeth, and Vince was just inept.

Challenges read for:

2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge – book 12

 Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012 – book 9

2012 Ebook Challenge – book 15

2012 Self-Published Reading Challenge – book 5

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