Jan 022012

Welcome to the January round-up for the reviews for the 2012 Ebook Challenge. Before you enter your reviews in the linky tool below, ensure you have signed up.

I had some questions about what ebooks are eligible, and the answer is all of them! If you read it on an ereader or your computer, it counts. Doesn’t matter where you got the book from, whether it is an ARC or already published, or if you’re reading it for another challenge.

For every review that is entered in the linky below, you will get one entry into the giveaway for the month. What’s available for January?

A complete library of Susan Helene Gottfried’s work. That is three collections of short stories, one full length ebook, and one standalone short story. If you can’t wait to see if you win, check out her books on Smashwords. They are only 0.99 or 2.99 each. Thanks Susan!

Enter the links to your reviews using the following linky tool. Please enter them as Name (Title), ie my reviews will be entered as Workaday Reads (Book Title). I would encourage everyone to visit some of the other participants and find some new books for yourself.

  14 Responses to “Jan Round-up: 2012 Ebook Challenge”

  1. I do not have a blog, but I left my reviews on Goodreads as Sophia Rose and Amazon as Sally.

    I read and reviewed: 'I Loved You First' by Reena Jacobs and 'Black Dog and Rebel Rose' by Danielle D. Smith which makes me 2/10 toward my goal.

  2. I linked up to my review at Goodreads … hope that is okay.

  3. I read and reviewed Amaranth by Rachael Wade,Broods of Fenrir by Coral Moore, Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis by Ethan Russell Ersway and Between by Cyndi Tefft.
    I left my reviews on Goodreads as Druidgirl and Amazon.com as Deborah A Novack. Next month I will give direct links as I finish each book.

  4. Just finished another one The Lost Treasure Map-by Victor Bertolaccini.Here is the direct link:

  5. I linked my review of the Monarch to Librarything is that ok?

  6. Just linked up my second review of “The Golden Scales” by Parker Bilal – great book! This is fun – Thanks for hosting this challenge!

  7. i didn't add my Jan books..can i include them in Feb's round up?

  8. ahh I missed putting up my post for january, can i just list it for feb then?

  9. I missed putting the January link on here so putting January now, 'Entrapped' Barbara Kyle:


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