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Today I have an interview with Dan Gilvezan, an actor most commonly known for his voiceovers and television guest appearances, who has recently turned his attention to writing. With two books released in 2011, he’s off to a fast start.

What’s the hardest part of writing a book? 

For me, just the day-to-day writing of it. Writing a book is like exploring a darkened house. At the beginning you’re aware of the general layout, but until you’ve gone from room to room switching on the lights you really don’t know what you’ve got. And sometimes those darn light switches are hard to get working!

What’s your favourite part of writing a book? 

I really enjoy the re-writing process, going over and over what you’ve written, smoothing and smoothing your work until it shines like a well-polished automobile.

What kind of research did you do to write this book? 

I’m constantly looking up factoids to bolster my narrative. And the Internet has made that so easy to do! I really pity writers in the past who had to schlep to the library and search through endless volumes to find the information they were seeking. Now, thanks to the Internet (and Google, in particular), from species of wild flowers to models of assault rifles, it’s all right there at your fingertips.

What are your thoughts on ebooks? (i.e. love them, hate them, wave of the future) 

I used to be against them. “I wanna feel the pages, smell the paper,” I used to say. “Reading should be a tactile experience.” Then I got my first Kindle. I don’t believe I’ve picked up a paper book since.

Do you read reviews written about your book? 

Only the good ones.

Thanks for answering my questions. I love the comparison between writing and exploring a dark house. Very easy to visualize.

About Dan Gilvezan:
One of Dan’s first jobs in Los Angeles was as the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man on NBC’s “Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends.” After this auspicious beginning other roles in animation followed, including everyone’s favorite yellow Volkswagon, Bumblebee, on “The Transformers.”
Around the time of Spider-Man, Dan was hired to perform in a TV commercial for Jack in the Box restaurants. That one commercial became a three year run as on-camera spokesman. Since that time, Dan has lent his talents to hundreds of television and radio commercials hawking everything from corn flakes to outboard motors. No stranger to episodic television, Dan has guest-starred on many popular TV series.

Connect with him online: Website, Goodreads 

Drowned in the Grenadine by Dan Gilvezan

Fancy cars, a loving wife, a designer home in the Hollywood Hills. Nathan Lindeman had it all, lost it all, and now he’s desperate to get it back. They say there are no second acts in show business, but they just may be wrong. There’s a new TV series being cast that’s virtually guaranteed to be a success, and Nathan has a shot at snagging one of the lead roles. If, that is, he can survive the perils and pitfalls that threaten to derail him along the way. Follow along on Nathan’s journey, as he deals with teenage casting directors, soulless network execs, ego-maniacal fellow performers, hucksters and thieves, a cast of characters so bizarre and unbelievable they could only be based in reality. By turns, funny, sad, heartbreaking and heartfelt, Drowned in the Grenadine explores America’s fascination with celebrity, the nature of success and what it means to be both a father and a son. 

Find the book online: Amazon, Goodreads

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