Jan 272012

I was going to start off with some BEA awesomeness, but I have to share a personal story first.

I live in Kitchener, Ontario and I love the customer service the city provides. On Monday, the top half of my street was closed due to some repairs. On Tuesday, the repair crew was back for a broken water main. Then they found had a sewer line collapse in the repair area. They sent someone to each unit of the street to advise that the water would be turned off while they repaired this. This was not a small job as I live on a townhouse complex road and there were over 370 units affected by the water shutoff.

Wednesday, they again sent someone to each unit to tell us that the water would be coming back on, but that we were under a water boil advisory. They will be hopefully lifting the advisory today (Friday). When they do, they will again be visiting each unit to let us know.

I think it’s awesome that the city is providing such great service by making sure that each affected unit knows what is happening by doing personal visits. Each visit has been accompanied by a written notice with all the information we need, but the personal touch has been great.

In the time of horrible customer service stories, I love that I have a good one to share.

Anyways, on to my BEA ramblings. I am so excited about going. I booked my time off work this week. I also started looking at costs. Hotel rooms are about $200-300 a night, which isn’t bad. But I almost died when I looked into flight costs. It’s $400 to go from Toronto to New York. And there are no flights from Waterloo or Hamilton, my two preferred airports. Yuck. So I looked at driving. It’s about an 800 km, 9 hr drive which would cost about $200 in gas. Much better, and I won’t have to worry about shipping books back. I have a comfy SUV, so there is lots of space.

Now what I really want to do is find 3 other ladies from the Toronto/Kitchener/London area who want to drive down with me, and maybe share a hotel room. It will save a ton of money, as long as we can survive 18+ hours in the car together. Can you say audiobook? LOL If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please send me an email. I’d love to hear from you. I know it’s still super early, but I like to be planned and prepared.

One last thing, notice the new header for the Friday Leftovers post? I love it! Made it myself using the same kit that my blog design uses. What do you think?

Some cool stats for the week:
Most popular post: 2012 Ebook Challenge Sign-upAwesome! Be sure to enter your reviews in the Jan round-up post. The Feb round-up will be posted Feb 2.
#1 referring site – http://www.google.com/search
Top 5 search keywords:

  • derrolyn anderson – 2nd week in a row
  • book depository giveaway – sorry to everyone who missed the end of the last giveaway. I will have two awesome giveaways in February though.
  • “hope road” “john barlow” – this week it was because of the last Friday Leftovers post, lol
  • anne frank book – really?
  • awkward headshots – again, really?

  5 Responses to “Friday Leftovers Jan 27”

  1. Sara…if i lived in your area, i'd be mighty tempted!

  2. Sarah, this is really tempting. Do you know what the cost of registration is?

  3. OMG I want to go so bad!!! I'm seriously poor right now, but if I had the money, I wouldn't even hesitate. ARGH! I hope you find people to go with you!

  4. Sorry, I'm not familiar with BEA.

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