Jan 202012

I don’t really have a discussion topic today, but I do have a few bits and pieces, leftovers if you will, that I thought I’d share:

I registered for BEA 2012 last night. I didn’t get to go last year, but I am totally going this year. I registered for bith BEA and BBC. I am so excited. Now I just need to find a roommate for a hotel, and figure out how to get there. The two airports within a 45 min drive don’t fly there and I don’t want to fly from Toronto, I hate that airport. It’s only about a 9 hour drive, but there is the cost of gas, parking, and the fact I don’t want to drive by myself. Any other Ontario bloggers going? How are you getting there, and do you need a roommate?

I seem to be in an email funk lately, or more specifically a blog post funk. I don’t want to read my emails and set up blog posts. I have a few interviews and giveaways ready to be set up. I love doing them, but I just haven’t had the energy to get the posts scheduled. If you have sent me stuff to post, I will get to it, I just need to get out of my funk.

I seem to be reading really slowly lately. I’ve only finished 6 books so far this month, and that is odd for me. I hope it picks up again because my TBR list sure isn’t getting shorter. I can’t even say what I am doing instead of reading, because the answer is nothing.

My IMM post for the last two weeks has featured several books I got free from Smashwords. For those of you who are interested, they are relatively easy to find. Go to the main page and click the Filter by Free Books button. The books are listed with the most recently published first, but you can change this by sorting by Best Sellers, Most Downloads or Highest Rating too. You can narrow this down using the genres on the left side, or by the Shorts and Longs buttons.

Some cool stats for the week:
Most popular post: Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hopnaturally
#1 referring site – www.justforlaughsgags.tvhunh?
Top 5 search keywords:

  • derrolyn anderson – I definitely have a few of her books around the site
  • macdonald hall boots and bruno – Visiting Paul’s guest post for the Holiday Book Exchange I would guess 
  • “amanda harvard” ia – what is the “ia” for?
  • green chameleon meme – LOL, really?
  • “hope road” “john barlow” – this week’s IMM post

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