Jan 132012

So I don’t really have much to discuss today, but I thought I would share with you some new features that I am excited about:

Threaded Comments on Blogger:
This is fancy-talk for being able to reply to comments. This is a feature that has been missing for a while, and I’m so glad it’s here now. I tend to reply to comments by email, but this doesn’t help when people don’t have an email set up on their profile. Now I have a way to reply directly.

Some people won’t see this appear automatically on their blogs – I didn’t. But Lori at Use Your Imagination Designs has a great post about how to get them to work, and still have your signature as well.

Gifting Books on Smashwords:
Did I mention that gifting is now available at Smashwords already? This is something I am super excited about. This is an awesome way to give ebooks away, especially if you aren’t sure what format people read ebooks in.

Do you know of any other new features that I should know about in the book blogging world?

  3 Responses to “Friday Discussion – New Features”

  1. I'm excited about the new threaded comment feature as well. It really saves a lot of time scrolling up and down to reply to people's comments.

  2. I love that I'm able to give people something on Smashwords now as it's available Internationally unlike Kindle or Nook books.

  3. I love the new threaded commenting! I like people are starting to talk to one another in my comments and not just to my original post. I love discussion, and this new comment system seems to promote that nicely.

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