Jan 232012

17 Stories About the End of the World by Luc Reid
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17 short (sometimes very, very short) stories about the end of the world, by gods, war, pollution, alien invasion, robot insurrection, and passing away gently when time has run out. Writers of the Future winner Luc Reid offers the human side of the end of the world–even when there are no humans involved.

This is a quick little collection of flash fiction about the world ending. I found some of the stories a little lacking in detail and hard to connect to.

I enjoyed the story On That Last Afternoon the most, which, ironically, is the only story where the world does not actually end. This story had a realism and humour that made it stand out from the others.

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  1. Sometimes a collection like this is nice for a quick read but some times just not worth it. This one is likely not for me.

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