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With My Last Breath (Bloodstone Saga #3) by Courtney Cole
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Just when Harmonia thought she had saved everyone she loved, the unthinkable happens and her life is shattered… in the space of just one breath. Now, she is left alone to shoulder a challenge, because she alone can fulfill a prophecy and restore Olympus. She knows she can succeed; she is the daughter of gods, after all. But will doing so cause her to lose herself? To find Zeus’ sword, she is forced to return to a place that she knows will cause her pain. But she willingly goes in order to save everyone she loves, because pain alone cannot kill her. Or can it?

Let’s start with the cover again. Unlike the first two books in the series, we get to see the face of the girl on the cover this time. Like the first two, the cover portrays the setting of the story, but it’s a little less obvious this time around. Personally, as the series progresses, I enjoy the covers less and less. It’s pretty, but kind of meh.

Getting to the story, it’s set in a time period that I’m familiar with again, so following the characters is much easier. Which setting? Camelot with King Arthur and his knights. Such a majestic and magical setting.

My favourite character this time was Hecate. After being scary and mysterious in the last book, she is a solid ally and friend in this book. I love when characters grow and change, and her character definitely fits into this trend.

The other characters were decidedly less memorable this time. Harmonia/Macy is beginning to get annoying. She doesn’t really seem to be growing and evolving like I’d expect. She persists in maintaining a huge weakness for Cadmus, to the point of damaging herself for his sake. It’s not really the picture of a strong woman who has to save the world as she knows it. And speaking of Cadmus, he’s beginning to feel a little like empty eye candy. He always seems to be incapacitated and helpless. Yet he is still arrogant and thinks very highly of himself. Could he be a bit self-deluded?

Like the second book, this one has the dreaded cliffhanger ending. Again, not a complete book on its own, but part of the bigger story.

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