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Misconception by Christy Hayes
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Suburban Atlanta stay-at-home mom, Pace Kelly, finds out she’s pregnant three years after her husband Jason’s vasectomy, her once happy marriage is pushed to the breaking point. Forced to put his dream of opening his own architecture firm on hold, Jason Kelly tries to get excited about another baby. But a trip to the urologist leaves him staggered. Despite Pace’s insistence that she hasn’t cheated, Jason is left to wonder if his blueblood wife has finally grown tired of his humble background and their middle class lifestyle. Unable to chalk it up to an error, Jason does the unthinkable. But the truth he discovers is a heavier burden to carry than the innuendo that was eating him alive. Now the tables are turned and he’s left holding a smoking gun. An innocent wife. A desperate husband. A no-win situation. When the smoke clears, will their marriage survive?

When Christy sent me the book’s blurb and cover back in July, I jumped at the chance to read and review it. I’ve only just got to it now, but I have thought about dropping everything, skipping my carefully prepared lists and reading it right away. I did just that last week and I’m so glad I did. I love this story.

When I made notes about what I wanted to say in my review, I started with just three words: wow, powerful, emotional. Now I will try to expand on them because that doesn’t really say much.

I really felt for Pace, much more so than Jason. Yes, it was easy to feel sorry for a guy who is committed to his family and relationship, and who knows he couldn’t have fathered another child with his wife, but his behaviour was not something I can condone.

Pace on the other hand really tore at my heartstrings. How do you prove that you didn’t cheat on your husband? How do you cope with the fact that he thinks you did? How do you both move on and rebuild your relationship. These are the questions the book deals with.

There was a scene where Pace and Jason are talking to their kids and trying to explain why things are so tense between them. Their youngest son tells Pace to simply apologize to Daddy because she obviously did something to make him mad. It made me want to cry. It was so heartbreaking.

My review is making this book sound sad. But while there are some sad scenes, the overall feel of the book is not negative. The ending leaves you feeling happy and wishful for a good future. And yes, the pregnancy question is answered. I was so happy to actually get an answer. It seems to be rare to have all loose ends tied up, but this one was very satisfying.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book. It is a quick read, yet very powerful. It definitely met all the expectations that were building in my head every time I glanced at my TBR list.

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  1. This looks really good. Thanks for sharing it!

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