Nov 162011

Matching Wits with Venus by Therese Gilardi
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For centuries, Cupid has longed to be more than Venus’s arrow boy. When he is sent to eliminate Happily Ever After by Amelia, the matchmaking business threatening Venus’s status as the goddess of love, Cupid decides to steal Amelia’s methods and make his own matches. While spying on Amelia, Cupid accidentally shoots himself with his magical arrow and falls in love with her. But bereaved Amelia does not believe in the existence of Roman gods, and she certainly is not looking for romance. She is too busy perfecting the patented personality profile that has made her Hollywood’s favorite matchmaker.Disguising himself as a mortal financial advisor, Cupid manages to break through Amelia’s guarded exterior. As their passion deepens so does Cupid’s guilt about deceiving Amelia. Cupid’s interference with Amelia’s life causes her business to falter, leads to a sterile spring that threatens the animal kingdom and shatters the longstanding peace between the Roman and Greek gods. With the fate of the natural and under worlds at stake, Cupid must decide whether to reveal his true identity and risk losing the chance to live happily ever after with Amelia.

This was a refreshing story featuring both Greek and Roman gods. It was easy to see the personality of each of the individual characters. I will admit that it was hard to imagine Cupid as a tall, handsome hunk instead of a naked, winged cherub, but I could get used to it.

This was a sweet romance story. The plot was standard romance: girl meets boy, they fall in love, boy hides secret, girl discovers secret and tells boy to leave, boy works to win girl back, everything has a happy ending. But this type of plot is standard for a reason. This is the book you curl up with on a weekend and enjoy. It makes you feel good.

The one thing I had a hard time believing was the easy acceptance of the gods by all the humans. Everytime the gods’ identities were revealed, the humans seemed to shrug and accept them as real. I can’t picture that actually happening. But that is a minor thing in the grand scheme of the story.

Overall, I would definitely recommend picking up this story to read when you need a pick-me-up. It’s a comfort read that is a clean romance.

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