Nov 212011

Left Neglected by Lisa Genova
Source: Local library
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Thirty-something Sarah Nickerson is like so many women today—driven to succeed at home and at work, multi-tasking all day long, spread extremely thin. The morning that changes her life forever is at first just a typical morning. She’s in her car on her way to work, about to make a business call. But she takes her eyes off the road for one second too long, and she finds herself involved in a terrible accident. Sarah suffers a traumatic brain injury. Her memory and intellect are still intact, but she loses the ability to perceive information coming from the left—as if the left side of everything no longer exists—a condition known as left neglect. In just the blink of an eye, her life has changed. But as she works to recover, she reorders her priorities, and heals a rift with her mother, as well.

This was such a powerfully emotional book. I was swept up and carried away with Sarah’s story.

Sarah’s pre-accident life sounded like my life on steriods. Everything is hectic and crazy, and yet very ordinary. It could be anyone’s life, albeit a bit more extreme than most people’s.

Sarah’s after-accident life was alternating heartbreaking, and heartlifting. I celebrated all of Sarah’s minor victories, and cried along with her frustrations and setbacks. Every detail seemed real to me.

This book shed light on a condition that is rarely talked about. I knew nothing about left neglect before reading this. If you had mentioned it to me, I’d have thought you were making it up. But this story brought it to life. I couldn’t imagine how I would manage if something like this befell me.

This is a book that everyone should read. Even better, I’d suggest listening to it. The narrator did a great job bringing the story to life.

  4 Responses to “Left Neglected”

  1. nevr heard of it/ review admire

  2. I've seen this book many times and the cover has always intrigued me. For some reason I never picked it up. Now I think I will.

    Great review!

  3. I've got this one on my WishList…sounds like a good one 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! I loved this book! I gave it 5 Stars.
    Have you read her first one – Still Alice? another 5 Star book!
    She is a great Author and I am looking forward to more from her!

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