Nov 152011

All About Eve by Caitlin McColl
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Eve has always seen dead people, ever since she was little. She has always kept her gift hidden, even from her family. That is, until she uncovers a terrible secret from her past. All About Eve is a prequel to the upcoming novel Under A Starlit Sky.

This short story is an interesting take on guardian angels and ghosts. Eve is a unique character who seems younger than her 25 years. She has a gift/curse that has grown and developed with her since she was a child.

The story ended a bit abruptly for me. There is quite a lead up to the actual action, with lots of background about Eve and her childhood. But once she reaches adulthood, and the main part of the story, everything just rushes by and ends.

This is a prequel to a novel that isn’t scheduled to be published until Sept 2012. I look forward to reading it once it’s available. The novel doesn’t focus on Eve, but I can’t wait to see how her character and gift fits into the story.

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