Oct 032011

Pillow Talk by Ruth J Hartman
Source: Won in a giveaway from Linda Weaver Clarke
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Trixie Trident is a tooth fairy. It’s not the way it is in the popular stories. Being a tooth fairy is like having a second job. That involves sneaking into bedrooms at night in order to exchange teeth for coins. When Trixie breaks her tooth, she needs to have it fixed right away. What a laugh the other TFs would have if they knew. So she rushes to a dentist and meets Graham Keebler. She’s never met a man like him before, but could things ever work between a dentist and a tooth fairy?

This is such a great story! I was either laughing or at least smiling the whole time I read it. It is hilarious. Need an example? It’s hard to do without giving spoilers, but here goes. Trixie goes out on a date, and wears a sexy pencil skirt. But her date has a big truck. Trying to climb up into it, she first shows a lot of leg, up to and including her unmentionables. Another try and she falls out of the truck, striking her date in the face with her elbow, causing both of them to tumble to the ground. He solves the truck issue in a very simple, if inelegant way. But I can’t spoil that little tidbit for you.

This is a simply fun and light-hearted love story involving a tooth fairy and her dentist. So original, and extremely entertaining. The only letdown is the cover. It just doesn’t go with the story. It is too young looking, and doesn’t convey any part of the story.

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  1. Sounds fun. I love a book that makes me laugh.

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