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Monad 12. 21. 12: The Awakening of Stella Steinarby T. Anderson
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Stella Steinar isn’t concerned with the rumored menacing date of December 21, 2012 looming just around the corner. The adopted but privileged daughter of two renowned scientists is embarking on a new chapter in her life. Ignoring her steadily increasing headaches and visions, Stella is anxious to leave everything in Minnesota behind and anonymously begin again. Headed for Berkeley, fate has other plans for her. What’s about to happen in California will change everything she knows about herself and the world–forever.

MONAD, the largest scientific research firm in the world, seems to be hiding a top-secret project. And who is in charge? Stella’s adoptive father and Berkeley alumni , Dr. Erling Steinar. On her quest for the truth, Stella finds herself deeply entwined in the project–but is it too late? Will she have time to change the future and escape her inevitable destiny? 

I feel like I should split this book in two and review each half. The first half I didn’t really enjoy, but the second half was quite good.

My issue with the first half was the lack of response or reaction the characters had to everything that was happening. At one point, there are a group of people telling a story, and it just felt unreal. The narrators were very clinical and unemotional in the telling, and the listeners just took it in without any reaction. It felt weird. There should have been a lot of reaction from the listeners, if nothing else.

The second half felt quite different. It was much more complex, with very interesting mythology and beliefs woven into the story. Stella in particular seemed to take on an ethereal feel.

I greatly appreciated how the mythology and religious beliefs were woven into the story. There was lots of information given, and lots of stances taken, but nothing really jumped out. There were no lectures or sermons, everything was portrayed quite seamlessly within the story.

This is almost, but not quite, a clean read. There are a few curse words used, but there is no graphic violence or sex.

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  1. Thank you for purchasing and reviewing my book, Sarah. I appreciate your time!

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