Oct 212011

Last discussion I talked about my motives for blogging. This week I thought I’d talk about how blogging and writing book reviews as changed the way I read.

First and foremost: ebooks. Before I had a book blog I never read ebooks. They also weren’t as popular last year as they are now, but I never even considered it before. Now, I couldn’t imagine not having my ereader. I read mostly ebooks now. I still love physical books, but the convenience of ebooks can’t be beat.

Next: YA vs adult books. Before I got sucked into following and reading so many book blogs, I never read YA books. I always assumed that since they were aimed at a teen audience, they wouldn’t appeal to me. Even as a teen, I was already reading adult books. But now, there are so many YA books that look and sound appealing. I still read mostly adult books, but I now change it up every couple of books. Sometimes, I read a book and never even realize it’s a YA book until I’m done and look at other reviews.

Last comparison: book length. Before my world filled with review books and endless wishlists, I always chose long books. I read very quickly, and would get frustrated if I didn’t have anything to read. So when I went to the library or bookstore, I’d look for the thickest book on the shelf. Or a series with multiple books available, preferably all long in length. Now, I still enjoy the occassion long book because you can be immersed in the world and story for a while, but I look at my TBR list and want them all to be 200 pages or less so I can get through them as fast as possible.

I think the last change in my reading habits is the most disappointing. I don’t like that seeing a book has over 300 pages makes me gringe a bit, wondering how long it will take me. I do love when a book sucks me so much that I fly through it, regardless of the length. That is the best thing that could happen. Because I have read some really long books in a very short period of time, while some short books seem to take forever.

What about you? How has book blogging changed the way you read?

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  1. I am not even blogger but a reader of the books that I win. Because I chose to always write reviews of the books I read, I have had changes too. I usually look for the shorter books and I do read a wider variety of genres now. I look for the shorter books so I can get my reviews posted faster and only read the long ones that I am passionate about.

    Carol Wong

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