Oct 112011

My son is at the age where he loves bedtime stories. This has only started in the last six months or so, but we now have a pretty good ritual of reading two or three stories every night before bed. Here are a few of my favourites that we have read over the last little while.

The Very Noisy Night by Diane Hendry, Illustrated by Jane Chapman
Source: Personal collection
Links: Amazon, Goodreads

A sweet story about a little mouse who is too fidgety to sleep. He hears all kinds of noises and needs constant reassurance that they are normal noises that don’t require attention.

My son demands this book every night. And has for the past 5 months, ever since we got it. It is a very cute story. On every page, with every noise, Little Mouse asks to crawl into Big Mouse’s bed and is turned down. This is definitely something little kids can relate to.

The pictures are well done. There are little bugs hiding on every page, and it is fun to try to find them.

At This Very Momentby Jim Arnosky
Source: Local library
Links: Amazon, Goodreads

A poetic story that takes you all over the world to see what various animals are doing, all at the same moment in time.

This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. The pages are gorgeous watercolour paintings.

The text is poetic and flowing. There are a few awkward broken rhythms, but overall, this is a great book. I’d get it again just to look at the pictures.

The Search for the Perfect Childby Jan Fearnley 
Source: Local library
Links: Amazon, Goodreads

Fido Farnsworth is the coolest dog detective who is on a mission to find the perfect child. His quest involves figuring out what makes a perfect child.

This is a sweet, self-esteem boosting book that gets a great reception at the end. The last page always has my son giggling and smiling, willing to give great big hugs.

The illustrations have the same humourous feel as the text and fit perfectly.

Sweet Dreams Lullabyby Betsy E. Snyder 
Source: Local library
Links: Amazon, Goodreads

A rhyming lullaby about various nature scenes that would make a sweet dream.

The illustrations are very soothing and sweet. There is a very calm, bedtime colour palette that makes reading this at bedtime very appropriate. The lullaby itself is fun and relaxing to read aloud.

The front and end pages are filled with constellations tracing the various animals found within the book. These were a huge hit with my son.

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  1. oh, these look delightful. I like the first, second and last the most.

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