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Today I have author Leonard Hilley, author of the Darkness series, here to talk about polishing his work.

Do you use a professional proofreader?

I have a great friend, Ann Linden, who is an English professor. She reads and helps edit my novels. She is also the co-writer for the screenplay of Predators of Darkness: Aftermath.

Do you use beta readers?

I have been considering this for my dark fantasy novel, but I’m not sure if I will.

Do you tend to do a lot of revising/rewriting, or is it usually just fixing errors?

I constantly revise as I write. Each day, I read the pages I wrote the day before and revise as I read them. When I’m about one fourth of the way through a novel, I start at the beginning and reread the manuscript. Again, I will revise as I go, and sometimes, additions come that I did not anticipate because of things that have happened later in the manuscript. I did this on Devils’ Den the other day and added two more pages to the book.

How do you approach editing: as you go or after the entire first draft is written?


What is involved in getting from the first draft to final publishable copy?

Once I complete the entire manuscript I reread the entire novel at least three more times. My wife will read it once, and Ann does, too. And even then I don’t think I’ve done enough, but I’m satisfied that it’s ready to publish.

With Kindle Direct and Createspace, I believe the worst thing is how easy people rush a novel to print when it’s not ready. It’s a big temptation, but I know my reputation is on the line, so I try to produce a flawless book, which is impossible (just found typos in two different, traditionally published books within the first chapters), but it is my goal.

Thanks for letting us know how you approach editing, and how much it means to you.

About Leonard D Hilley II:
Leonard D. Hilley II is a native of Ohio. Born in Middletown in 1966, his family moved to Alabama when he was six months old. At the age of three he was reading books. By age eleven he wrote his first novel.

Leonard spent most of his youth exploring the bluffs, meadows, and woods in the Pleasant Hill community near Fort Payne, Alabama. When he was ten years old, he viewed Dr. McKabe’s insect collection and immediately his love for biology was birthed. He collected and reared butterflies and moths for many years.

Leonard currently lives in the mountains of Kentucky with his wife and two children where he is busily working on more novels, a screenplay, and a children’s picture book.

Connect online: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads

Book Highlight:

Predators of Darkness: Aftermath available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords
Beyond the Darkness available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords
The Game of Pawns available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords

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  1. Great review! I loved hearing about the process Mr Hilley goes through. I wish more indie authors would take extra time on the editing and proofing processes! I also love the covers of his books. Great job.

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