Sep 212011

Hot Ticket (Ticket Trilogy #1) by Tracy Marchini
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Juliet Robinson is the only sixth grader in John Jay Jr. High who hasn’t received a “hot ticket” from the mysterious ticket dispenser. When one of the dorkiest kids in school – Crammit Gibson – receives a ticket before she does, Juliet decides that the ticketing system has to stop. With the help of her best friend Lucy, a Daria-esque Madeline and her almost-crush Crammit, Juliet is determined to climb a few rungs on the middle school social ladder and catch the ticket dispenser once and for all!

I can describe this book in one word: FUN!

This is a great middle grade book that will appeal to not just kids. It is both hilarious and heart-warming.

Poor Juliet. She just can’t win, no matter how hard she tries. She’s the klutz of the class, and everything she touches seems to go wrong. Reading it, I really wanted her to achieve something other than just being the girl to avoid.

The love story portion was so cute. Middle school romance is so awkward and adorable. Really makes you look back at the simplicity of those days and just smile.

Overall, this is a great book. It is light-hearted and entertaining. As Lucy would say: tot ridic! I would recommend this to young teens, and really, any reader who wants a quick, humourous story. 

  2 Responses to “Hot Ticket”

  1. Sounds cute. Good review.

  2. Fun was definitely the key word for me as well. It was hard to write a review that didn't just repeat it a hundred times 😉

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