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Today I have Theresa from BLB Book Tours here with a guest post about what running a book tour business is like.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Sarah. Book tours are a passion of mine and I’m thrilled to be able to share with your readers today.

When I created BLB Book Tours in January, my main goal was to simply help authors spread the word about the ebooks they were publishing. I had seen many tour sites in my blogging travels, but 99% of them only offered tours of physical books, not ebooks. Since many of my new favorite authors publish only ebooks, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a book tour service focusing on those books. After all, a book is a book is a book, whether printed or uploaded.

The first hurdle I faced was finding bloggers. I needed to find enough of them to make it worth while for the authors, but they had to be trust worthy at the same time. Reaching out to the blogging community, I was lucky enough to find twenty bloggers that I already knew and trusted. With their help, and a little planning, BLB (previously Book Lovin’ Bitches) Book Tours was born.

Since going live on January 1st, BLB Book Tours has grown from those twenty bloggers to over eighty. There have been approximately 150 books submitted as tour candidates, and almost 100 book tours scheduled. Methods have been changed, new ideas implemented, and what used to be a very simple idea has evolved into a well oiled machine.

Coordinating tours for authors can be stressful, but is also extremely rewarding. The minute an author submits their book for tour consideration, I go to work. Compiling all of the book information, creating a sign up form for the team members, emailing bloggers to find participants, and scheduling the tour itself is just part of the work that goes into a tour. It can take weeks to fill a tour schedule and I’m continually working during that time. When the schedule is created, the tour is complete, and I get an email from the author telling me how much fun she/he had while touring, it makes all of the hard work worth every minute. Getting great testimonials like these is the best reward for me:

“Book Loving Bitches simply ROCKS! Every author understands that the best way to reach out to readers is through blogs. The passion and enthusiasm for books is unmistakable amongst the Book Loving Bitches. I found that the planning and scheduling was absolutely flawless. The bloggers were spectacular, and the readers that found my work were simply amazing! It is undeniable that the fees for this service are extremely reasonable. I look forward to my next tour with these amazing ladies (and gentlemen)!”
Jamie Magee, author of the Insight Series

Book Lovin’ Bitches is great for authors that want to tour, but need affordable promotion. You will also have a chance to learn about your writing from readers, which is who you want to hear from anyway. I connected with bloggers who have already agreed to read my next book, and I know now what I can do better to give the reader more of what they want. I will be using Book Lovin Bitches again-hopefully very soon!
Natasha Larry, author of DARWIN’S CHILDREN

Operating BLB Book Tours is something that I hope to never quit doing. Working with fabulous authors and wonderful bloggers is a true joy for me, and seeing books get the attention they deserve helps keep the smile on my face. Hopefully, authors will keep signing up and bloggers will keep participating for years to come.

Thank you again for letting me share about BLB Book Tours, Sarah!

Thank you for running a book tour business that focues on ebooks. Yours was the first book tour company I signed up with, and I love participating.

About BLB Book Tours:
BLB Book Tours specialize in Search Engine Optimized Blog Tours. Want to get your new book into the sights of thousands of readers? How about a backlist book that needs a little love and attention?

A virtual book tour with BLB Book Tours can help! Since the creation of BLB Book Tours in January of 2011, over 100 authors have chosen us to help promote their books. Our dedicated team of high visibility bloggers is committed to helping your book get the attention it deserves. In addition, each and every blog post is supercharged to increase your book’s visibility while on tour. With various sizes of packages and competitive pricing, BLB Book Tours is sure to have a tour package to fit your needs.

Connect with BLB Book Tours: Website, Goodreads Group
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