Sep 122011

Beyond the Darkness (Darkness Series #2) by Leonard D Hilley II
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Since this is the second in the series, there may be spoilers for the first book.

Set three years after the first book ends, Daniel, Julia, and all their friends are still trying to put their experiences in Pittsburgh behind them. When Lucas is accused of murder, he insists he is innocent and that the culprit is his clone. Can Daniel save his friend and prove his innocence?

Like the first book, this one is action-packed. There is never a dull moment, whether the characters are battling deadly mutant creations, or just battling wits. The pro at wittism is still Morton. I love that shape-shifting cat. Not just for his snappy comebacks, but also for his love and devotion to Felicia, Daniel and Julia’s daughter. Their scenes together are adorable.

One character I didn’t like this time was Julia. She was barely present, and when she was, she seemed really weak. Her strength and action-orientation from the first book were completely absent, and I was left feeling like she has been relegated to a very minor role.

The character I couldn’t decided if I liked or not was Lucian, Lucas’ clone. He plays a much more prominent role in this book, and not just as the mysterious bad guy. I had a hard time seeing him as anything beyond this part, but I think that’s because he made such a strong impression in the first book.

Overall, this was a great story, and a great addition to the series. It was complete and wraps up well, while still leaving enough leads to make me look forward to the third book.

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Lovin' the zebras!! Nice look. The review was good too.

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