Aug 182011

The Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker
Rating: 4/5
Source: Review copy from S and S Galley Grab
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

To be published in September 2011.

Kyra and David Winter are both super cautious people because of their painful pasts. Both fear they don’t deserve the happiness they currently have and that it will not last. Their worse fears are confirmed when their five year old son Michael disappears from their yard in the middle of the afternoon. Both parents are convinced the kidnapper is someone from their past, and now they must surrender their fears and confess what,a nd who, they are each hiding.

This is a powerful and emotional book. It is as much a story about each of their pasts as it is about the current kidnapping of Michael. These pasts are sad and heartbreaking. Both Kyra and David have been through horrific situations at a young age, and now they are forced to confront and relive them as they try to figure out who stole their son.

While I loved this book, I disagree with the descriptions calling it an “optimistic… enchanting, life-affirming story”. I did not find it positive or uplifting in any sense. To me, this is a story about pain and sorrow and learning to move beyond your past in order to have a happy present. This is a story that tugs at your heart strings, and makes you feel for all the characters. There are no true good and bad characters, just realistic people with heavy burdens.

I would recommend this book to readers who like family stories, and readers who like emotional stories. This is definitely a book that fits both of those criteria, and then some.

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