Aug 262011

Today I’d love to talk about themes. Specifically, holding a themed event for either a week or a whole month. I have never done this before, but will have a themed September. I have been working hard on this theme for the last few weeks, and will be putting lots more work into it all the way through September. Already it has been exciting and fun, and I can’t wait to see how it goes over.

I have seen lots of blogs have themes and always thought it looked like fun, and really made the blog stand out during that time. I’ve never seemed to get organized enough to do it myself. I also could never think of a specific theme to focus on. So when I saw April‘s theme, it made me very excited because it was something I could definitely do. So I jumped on board, and can’t wait to set sail.

If September goes well, I will definitely do more themes in the future. I might do them anyways because I have had so much fun communicating with authors. Now I just need to get some books read to go with all the awesome features I have coming up.

Do you do themed weeks or months? Do you go all out for events?

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