Aug 092011

Bitter Sweet by LaVyrle Spencer
Rating: 3/5
Source: Local library
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Newly widowed, still beautiful, and suddenly wealthy, Maggie Pearson Stearn has come home to Wisconsin to start a new life. The recent death of her much-loved husband has left an empty space in her heart. Back on familiar ground, with a gratifying business venture off to promising start, she finds a new zest for life in the rekindling of old friendships-and of her love affair with her high-school sweetheart. But he is married, and she finds herself marooned between two generations of selfishness and disapproval-her mother’s and her daughter’s.

This was a sweet romance that is all about Maggie’s “what if” guy – her first love. Nothing can be that simple though. The story made complex by his marriage, her disfunctional relationship with her mother, and her daughter’s growing disapproval of all the changes Maggie is making.

My main problem with this story is the non-chalance stance of adultery. The characters give it minimal thought, justifying it with their history, and the existing discord in the marriage. My feeling is that if the marriage was that bad, there should have been a separation. Then it may have been technically still been an affair since there was no divorce, but it wasn’t actively cheating on a spouse.

Overall, this was a good beach read for someone looking for a simple love story.

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