Aug 232011

Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari
Rating: 3/5
Source: Local library
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Lucy is one of the few survivors of the plague that wiped out most of humanity. She has been living alone in a tree house in what used to be Central Park in New York City. When she meets Aidan, a fellow teenaged survivor, while being chased by a pack of hunting dogs, she decides to join his band of survivors. The dangers keep coming when she learns the dogs weren’t an accident, but were sent by the Sweepers to find her. What makes her so special to warrant such an extensive search?

I can’t decide if I like this book or not. The dystopian storyline was intriguing. I love the repeated natural disasters and their life changing effects. I did have a hard time remembering that it took place in New York City though. I kept thinking it was in the country. It seemed like all artifacts of modern life were erased with every little evidence of buildings or concrete left.

That aside, I think my biggest issue was the overly descriptive writing. Everything was described down to the last detail, and I felt removed, like I was watching from afar. Even the action parts seemed disrupted by flowing descriptions. This made it really hard to get into the story.

Overall, this was a good YA dystopian, but not the best. It was good to have the full backstory of how the current environment was shaped, but there were more details than necessary at some points.

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  1. It wrecks the book for me when the description takes away from the story. Nice review, though.

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