Jul 312011

Another month has ended. July seemed really quick, and full of changes.

Personally, I started a new job part-way through July, and have seen a definite decrease in free time and reading time. A direct result is I have read a lot fewer books. I have concentrated on books I committed to read by a certain datem which took up most of my time. I did slip a few other books in, and a few audiobooks now that I have a commute again.

Books read:
In July – 22
Year-to-date – 146

Posted in June:
Reviews – 33
Discussion posts – After You Read It, Overwhelmed, Book Tour Post Preferences, Indie Audiobooks, The Library
Author interviews – Linda Hawley, Christine Nolfi, Laura Sullivan
Author guest posts – KH Lemoyne, Melissa Foster, Liz Schulte, LK Rigel

Challenge Status:
**Note, I only count reviews that are posted. If a book is read but a review isn’t posted, then it’s not included until it is posted.**
In Death Challenge – 6 read – no change this month
Audiobook Challenge – 14/20 – listened to 5 this month – I changed my goal from 12 to 20.
E-book Challenge – 82/100 – 27 read this month
Canadian Book Challenge 5 – 3/13 – 3 read this month – Challenge started July 1.

What’s coming in August?
– A lot more reviews, author interviews and author guest posts
– Giveaways galore! There will be at least one giveaway open every day! The giveaway alert at the top of the blog will list the currently open giveaways.
– I am celebrating 2 awesome milestones. I created a special badge for it last night, and have to share it now. I can’t wait until the celebration actually starts.

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  1. Even though I don't have a job (outside of taking care of my two kids) I don't get that much reading done. 🙂 Congrats on your July totals!

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