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Linda Hawley is the author of Dreams Unleashed. She has very graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me today.

Why dystopian?
I love reading and watching dystopian books and movies. I like the drama of it, and finding a sense of hope among the chaos. I also really love a good trilogy, and using a dystopian society for the trilogy worked. Do you know how some dystopian novels are so depressing? I didn’t want that to be the primary feeling in my novels, so I really worked to ensure that the main character was multidimentional, and that I included humor and normalcy in her life. I will give you a little teaser about the next two books and tell you readers that you’ll have to strap yourself in for the ride in the next two books, because Ann’s normalcy starts to fade.

What kind of research did you do to write this book?
I am a world-news junkie; every day I read five news sources. I primarily read technology news, environmental news, agricultural news, with a bit of political news mixed in. Because of that daily reading, I already knew a good deal about the evolution of RFID, and some predictions about how technology will be used in our daily lives within the next 5-10 years. However, I did some further research on how RFID is used worldwide right now, and what government plans are to use RFID to track humans. What I learned chilled me to the bone, so I used it as a major thread in this first book.

My research into Remote Viewing was absolutely enthralling; I read everything I could find on the web. I learned that it was indeed a government project, and that there are many private organizations around the world using it. I can assume from that the government is still using it. I first learned about Remote Viewing from someone I knew who had started to learn how to do it. That piqued my interest, and I started my research.

I also did a good bit of research about the CIA for the trilogy. I read so many pages throughout the CIA’s website, that (for some reason) I cannot access the site any longer from my computer! : /

Do you believe the remote viewing you described in the book is possible?
Because I knew someone who was learning Remote Viewing, and we talked about it in detail, I must say that it sounds plausible. However, I do believe (as I’ve written in Dreams Unleashed) that those who have natural paranormal gifts would be more successful with it. What I do know is that we humans use such a small amount of our brainpower. What is it that uses the rest of our intellectual capacity?

This book seems to take a very specific political stance. How would you respond to that?
As I mentioned, I’m a world-news junkie. I follow the unrest in countries throughout the world. In this trilogy, I wanted to give a voice to those citizens who feel that governments across the globe are taking away the freedom of the people. I didn’t want to give a purely American perspective; I wanted to give a global perspective about this loss of personal privacy. People all around the globe want change, and maybe I can lend a voice to that through this trilogy.

What’s the hardest part of writing a book?
Hands down, it’s editing. I hate the process. I lost 20,000+ words in the editing process of Dreams Unleashed. With that said, I want to add that I have the Special Forces equivalent of editors—she is a brilliant content editor. The loss of words is difficult for me, but necessary.

What inspired you to become a writer?
I was five years old when I fell in love with words. A bookmobile used to come around our neighborhood and lend books. The large van would stop in our neighborhood, and kids would line up to go inside and pick out books. I always tried to be first in line. I loved the Nancy Drew stories the most. Our family didn’t have much money, so the Bookmobile was my only way to get books to read. This all changed when I was twelve years old; I had a terrible accident where I sustained a major head injury. After that, I had to relearn English, because I no longer understood sentence structure, how to spell, or other elements of written English. Because of having to relearn English, I fell in love with writing. I started writing poetry, and then started to write stories. Early in 2012, ten volumes of my poetry will be published.

What’s your favourite part of writing a book?
My favorite part of writing novels is the creation of the characters, and the things they do! My goal is multidimentional characters that jump off the page. Once I create the characters, they become real to me, and I can easily tell whether they would do this or that. It’s like they’re living (but in my head). It’s knocking on the door of crazy. LOL

Anything else you’d like to add?
I am an Indie-published author (with no advertising dollars), so readers are needed to spread the word about my novel, and The Prophecies trilogy. Readers are critical for the trilogy’s success, and I sincerely thank you for your help.

Thanks so much for stopping by and answering my questions!

Dreams Unleashed by Linda Hawley
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