Jul 102011

The Immortality Virus by Christine Amsden
Rating: 4/5
Source: Review copy from publisher Twilight Times Books
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

Grace is a blacklisted private investigator living in the city in the mid-21st century. Humans no longer grow old and die; they stop aging in their 20s. This has led to overcrowding, starvation, and lots of violence. Grace takes a new case for a rich client who wants her to find the man who created the virus that stopped the aging, and convince him to find a way to undo it. But Grace has lots of enemies, and find her man might make her more of a target than she can survive.

This was a very fast paced read set in a very violent world. The action is non-stop with few resting points. It makes for a very exciting read.

I did find it somewhat confusing to keep track of everyone who was after Grace and why. It seemed like everyone possible was out to get her, with several factions within each organization being involved. I found that if I didn’t try to keep everyone separate, but just thought of them as “the enemy”, it was easier and simpler to handle.

The premise behind the idea that humans have stop aging was interesting. I liked that the results weren’t all pretty, and that not everyone agreed with the change. The inclusion of the old timers, people who were already past their 20s at the time of the change was neat. This took respect for your elders to a whole new level. Especially since they were the only people most people would be able to identify as elders. The idea of everyone looking the same age, whether they are from the same generation or not, was thought provoking. If you couldn’t tell age from appearance, how does that affect the way you treat people?

Overall, this was an interesting, exciting read that leaves you pondering some questions after the story as ended. An entertaining case of a change meant for the better that doesn’t necessarily end up being good.

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