Jul 152011

Today my discussion isn’t really much of a discussion, but more of a heads up and explanation of what’s coming. It’s no secret that I have a massive TBR list, I mean, I do have it posted for all to see. It should also be obvious that I read quickly, so I was never really concerned before.

But I just started a new job this week. After being unemployed for 3 months, I am back to working full-time. At a job where I won’t be able to read for at least an hour a day. Needless to say, that dramatically cuts down on my reading time. Instead of reading off and on all day, I will now be confined to the evening. This time is not only for reading books, but also for writing reviews, reading blogs and commenting on said blogs. So I guess no more finishing a book every day and a half.

With this in mind, I have decided to try to get my TBR list down to a realizable size. I plan to do the following:

  • reduce my book tour commitments. I will obviously keep the dates I have already agreed to, but I will only be joining tours for books I really want to read. Unless the tour doesn’t require a review, then I might consider it.
  • stop buying books and downloading free ebooks. That should be fairly easy to do.
  • stop requesting Netgalley books. Again, fairly easy to do, I just need to stop browsing the site.
  • reduce the number of author submitted books I accept. I need to be picky and only accept books I really want to read. This will be the most difficult one, because I love getting email from authors, and I hate disappointing them when they put themselves out there. But I currently average one review request a day, so this is something I need to do.

What do I hope to accomplish?

  • empty my Netgalley list, and then only have 2-3 books at a time
  • empty my author submitted list, and then only have 2-3 books at a time
  • empty the TBR bookshelf sitting beside my computer, chose the few books I want to keep, and then giveaway the rest. This will likely take time as I love to give them to you readers, but postage is so expensive.
  • once these are done, I can start reading the ebooks I bought or received as gifts.

Timeline? No clue. As soon as I can. I think with a smaller TBR list I wouldn’t feel the pressure to read in every spare moment. I don’t want to burn out, that’s for sure. This is just too much fun.

Have you ever had to do something like this?

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  1. Sarah, I understand your dilemma! I released the e-book of Treasure Me in April (thanks again for the great review) and was surprised by the amount of positive feedback that quickly arrived. So I decided to get to work on the paperback release in late June.

    The problem? I'm moving to SC in August with my youngest daughter after the three older kids return to college. House showings, selling furniture, buying college gear, laundry, writing, book development–it's too much. I've begun paring down all my commitments until after the move.

    You're wise to put the new job front and center. You'll get back to the reading and reviewing as time permits. Burn-out is no fun, and you deserve to find balance in your life. Here's hoping you do.

  2. Congrats on getting a new job!

  3. First of all and most importantly, congrats on your new job!!

    This is the one good thing about my current “health restrictions”. I cannot do much of anything but read and write…so I am doing lots of both.

    It is a wonderful blessing to “have the time” to read and write, but it would be nice to “get out” and to “do things”.

    I had to comment on this because it is so relevant to me right now. Again…all the best with your new job!

  4. Thanks for the well wishes. My first week went great, albeit a little boring since my training doesn't actually start for another week. But I did manage to get one book and one novella read this week (as of Sat morning). Which is more than I expected, so that's good.

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