Jul 292011

Let’s discuss libraries. I love my local library. I bragged about it at 100 Stars of Less. It’s amazing. Free books, movies and audiobooks? Yes, please.

I go through phases where I use it extensively for months, and then go months without stepping into it. Now that I am drowning in books, I haven’t been going as often. I still go to get movies for my son once a week. I have recently been using it for myself for only audiobooks.

I love all the features my library has both in person and online. I use the online catalog to find and place holds on all sorts of material. It makes it super easy to just dash in and grab materials as I am notified that they are waiting for me. I recently rediscovered the online branch with ebooks and mp3 audiobooks, so I have my phone loaded with books.

I am amazed at how few people use their local libraries. I am very happy there is a great library system in town. Do you use your local library?

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  1. Happy Friday! I actually use my local library,,quite abit,Im on a tight budget,,with girls, bills, car payments, housepayments,etc…and If I bought all the books I wanted to read,,we'd be in the poor house,,so actually alot of books that I have wanted to read,,and a couple of my favorite series,,I have actually got to enjoy cause my library had,,Its where I got the Mortal Instruments by C,Clare, The Fever Series by KKM, and I actually lucked out it had the full complete series of the Ghost Walkers by Christine Feehan,,coarse,,,I did end up buying the Fever Series,cause well its in my top 10 of favs..and wanted the complete series,,but yes,,my library,,is my second favorite play,,I actualy go there sometimes just to relax,,use the wyfy,,and to get away from the madness, in my own home and enjoy peace and quiet and read for a couple of hours…

  2. For many year the library was my sole resource for reading with a few exceptions. I have loved the library for years. Unfortunately it became too difficult for me to carry the books and not have to walk a long distance to get them. My family gave me an ereader that has been a life saver and the wonderful indie writers have provided a wonderful new arena for finding reasonably priced books. I have also found book blogging and love to enter giveaways that are so generously provided for us follower – this is fun and I always look forward to checking every day for something new!

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