Jul 052011

Anasazi Intrigue (The Adventures of John and Julia Evans #1) by Linda Weaver Clarke
Rating: 3/5
Source: Won in giveaway on author’s blog
Links: Amazon, Goodreads, Author’s website

Julia is a reporter in a small town. Hoping to earn her way to bigger stories, she starts investigating the poisoned deaths of some fish and cats. It may be related to the recent flooding, but Julia is hoping for something more interesting than an accident. Her investigation leads her and her husband John into an adventure that they might not survive.

I liked the plot and storyline. It was interesting and fast paced. In the beginning the title seemed to fit more with John’s interests than Julia’s investigation, but there are some good developments and tie-ins. By the end, the title does make more sense.

There was some interesting history of the Anasazi Indians woven into the story. Some of the information wasn’t really pertinent to the story, but it didn’t hinder the flow at all. It was like a little bonus lesson.

I had a bit of a problem with both John and Julia’s characters. Julia was very frustrating and infuriating. For someone who proclaims to love her husband more than anything, she sure seems eager to keep potentially dangerous secrets to herself. I thought this was a little unrealistic given the level of their relationship. Maybe in a newer relationship her actions might seem more likely, but in this setting it just seemed not so much. Unless Julia is really as selfish and inconsiderate as it made her seem.

John’s character seemed like an over-the-top fantasy husband. All his thoughts seemed to be about how much he loves Julia, how lucky he is to have her, and how even her faults make him love her more. Even when he had reason to be mad or upset, he didn’t react that way. He just reasoned that she had reasons for doing those things, and he loved her for them. It made me want to gag a little, it was so unrealistic. I can’t see any man calmly sitting back, thinking this way and saying nothing when his wife creates a situation that potentially endangers his life. No way.

I did find the comments about how men and women think like waffles and spaghetti to be hilarious, and very interesting. I have never heard it described like this, and I loved it. It seemed to make a lot of sense.

This is a very clean read. There is mention that John has a potty mouth, but the worst he ever says is “damned”. Not very potty mouthed at all. Overall, this was a sweet read with a bit of a mystery.

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