Jun 292011

This Human Condition by Petal Pusher Press
Rating: 3/5
Source: Personal Purchase
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A collection of flash and micro fiction based on human emotions.

Flash fiction is a condensed shot of words, often only a few pages or less for each story. The stories in this collection are based on a specific emotion, and are grouped by that emotion.

I found this to be a real mixed bag. Some of the stories were great, and some not so great. The ones I really liked were:

  • Trampled by Cindy Noble – based on inspiration – This was beautiful. The scene described just jumped off the page.
  • In the Light by Christi Craig – based on sorrow – This matched the emotion perfectly. I didn’t even need to be told what emotion it was based on, it was that obvious.
  • Without Breathing by Taylor Ridling – based on sorrow – This was a choppy little story that managed to convey a range of emotions, not just sorrow. 
  • Heartless by Stacy Reckard – based on anger – Effectively captured the feeling of a broken-heart after the end of a relationship.
  • Raw by Jayme Whitfield – based on anger – The story made me mad along with the narrator. It was also a surprise situation, which is hard to do in such a short length.

Listing them, I can see that I generally preferred stories based on strong emotions. I think these are easier to capture, reveal and understand. These also provoke the most reaction in readers, which is something flash fiction needs to do to be remembered.

This is an easy read, and definitely one I’d suggest fans of flash fiction check out.

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