Jun 142011

Nia by Mella Reese
Rating: 5/5
Source: Review copy for book tour
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Nia is the fourth child, and only daughter, of the King of Brychan. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she is the only heir to the throne. No one believes she should be queen, not her, her father, or the kingdom. When the son of a conquered king swears an oath to be her protector and guard for the rest of his life, her life becomes even more complicated.

Nia was an amazingly complicated and real character. She suffers tremendous self doubt about her worth, in part because she has always been treated as not good enough. Her thoughts clearly reveal the depth of her doubts and make for an instantly sympathic heroine. I found myself rooting again and again for her to see how great she really was.

Garreth was also an amazing character. I’d love to have a companion like that. His personality is that of an eternal good guy. He is strong and stubborn and very honorable. This is another character that is easy to root for.

The one person that didn’t ring true was Andras, Nia’s finance. I fould him to be a bit two-dimensional and flat, but that may due to Nia’s hero worship of him.

While there is plenty of action, this is a character driven story about Nia and Garreth. There isn’t really a romantic element, although I kept hoping there would be.

The ending came at the right time. There were plenty of details left unresolved, and I can only hope that there is a sequel coming. According to the author’s website there will be a sequel, and I can’t wait for it to be available.

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  3 Responses to “Nia”

  1. Hi Sarah! My sincerest thanks for your kind review. So glad you enjoyed “Nia”!
    Warm Regards,
    Mella Reese

  2. I was just contacted by a blogger that i won a book with this title. I'm not sure if this is it, I thought it was a children's novel. is this? anyway, this novel peeks my interest. Happy Reading!!

  3. It is not a children's book, but I have seen it described as “historical young adult fiction with a side of romance”. It is a great read, regardless of how it is classified.

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