Jun 242011

This week on the discussion post I’d like to talk about blog stats. This seems to be something most bloggers are concerned about, but it seems taboo to discuss.

One of the big stats is followers. How many followers do you have? How do you get more? How many is enough?

This is one of the easier stats to find. At least when it come to Google Friend Connect followers. This seems to be a magical number. I won’t lie. I love to see this number climb. Of course, just because you follow doesn’t mean you read the posts though.

A better way to find your followers is to look at your subscribers. I use Feedburner, and it couldn’t be easier to find this info. Want to know my stats? I have 303 subscribers broken down to 55 email subscribers and the rest feed subscribers. To me this is an amazing number. I love each and every one of you.

Stats some publishers and other people want to do about are site visits, unique visitors and page views. I use Google Analytics, and again, super easy to use. But I wonder what timeline to use when providing this information to people. I usually use the last month’s worth of data, making sure to clearly state the timeline. From this info I can easily see how much traffic I get during the giveaway hops. They are definitely my number one source of traffic. Not only that, but it is always the first day of the hop that is the highest.

The last place I get stats from is the Stats tab within Blogger. I use this to find my most popular posts and search keywords. This is a really eye-opening experience. What are my top 10 posts?

 Something that stands out is that the 4 book reviews have a total of 2 comments. Moral of this story? If you want to stand out to a blogger, comment on a book review.

My search keywords tell me that most people who get here from a search engine are looking for me. “Workadayreads” and “Workaday reads” are by far the most common keywords.

Realistically, I don’t look at my stats very often. But when I do, it is always an interesting experience. Do you care about or look at your stats?

  5 Responses to “Friday Discussion – Blog stats”

  1. Great post! I check my stats fairly often. Most important to me is visits/day. It helps me see what is more interesting to my followers. More important to me than stats, though, are comments. Those are seriously useful!

  2. interesting post. I occasionally check my stats and sometimes find it a bit discouraging. I guess the important part is if we even reach one reader, it could snowball. I haven't heard of Google Analytics. I will have to check into it.

  3. I am fascinated by my stats but never know quite what to do with them! I love the slowly creeping number of followers but am more interested in repeat visitors. I use statcounter.com, I only look once in a while but it can give you masses of interesting info.

  4. I'm glad to hear other people like checking their stats too.

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