Jun 232011

Acadia, Book I: The Lost King and the Goddess of Time by Ali Naqvi
Rating: Did Not Finish
Source: Review copy from author
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It was only a nightmare at first, but Damont soon realizes that he can see into the future-a curse he has to live with for being the only son of a king dead for a thousand years, with a mother who is the goddess of time.

A man in black armor with a face as obscure as the shadows mantling him laughs wickedly. Who is he and why does he continue to haunt me, Damont wonders. Appearing only in his dreams, the man in the black armor stands alone and laughs high as if to mock him while the world around him burns to cinder.  “They are not dreams, my son,” a voice calls out to him in a vision after the many nightmares-claiming to be his mother whom abandoned him when he was but a child.” They are shards of a broken world to come if you so take the path of your father.” If such a path does lie ahead beyond a throne that sits vacant for centuries, with an empire in the east growling for war, then Damont Langörn realizes he has but one choice: follow the visions and seek out the truth lost to both him and the world behind his lineage-but will he be strong enough to face such a malevolent foe of his nightmares?

With a vampire and a sorceress at his side, Damont begins his journey, but such a road is not an easy one to take if the gods themselves do not wish for his return as the king who would unite the world against their existence and bring demise to their very doorstep. (from Goodreads)

I tried really hard, but I couldn’t finish this book. I read the first third, but Damont was only just starting on his journey at this point. Everything up to this point was really an introduction to Damont. Unfortunately, I didn’t like him. I thought he was immature and irresponsible, with little regard for anything but his own enjoyment. It’s hard to read a book that moves slowly with the focus on a character you don’t like.

I also found the language of the book difficult. It had an old-fashioned formal feel to it, which made it hard to absorb easily. I found myself reading very slowly, trying to understand everything that was happening.

I really wanted to read this and enjoy it because it sounds like a fascinating journey, but I wasn’t able to reach the actual journey portion. I have seen other reviews that promise the wait is worth it, and the story has an epic Lord of the Rings type feel. Please let me know if you’ve read this and think I am out to lunch.

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